Monthly archives: February, 2017

EP in the works

This year will see the release of my first four track EP, with the (working) title ‘Sisamat’. I’ve just about finished three tracks. So with 10 months still to go in 2017 I think I can safely state that I will wrap this up before the year ends. Not only is this post meant to provide my ample fan base with this information, it is also intended to keep the pressure on myself.

I really enjoy my single take video recordings and the occasional individual tracks I produce. However, style-wise and sound-wise it is not very coherent. So I wanted to challenge myself to compose four tracks that would be in a way sonically related to each other. My goal with that is not only to finish that EP, but also to find a way into my own sound and my own style. Everything I’ve done so far is kind of all over the place. As of now, I’ve almost finished three tracks and I’m quite happy with where it’s going. I find myself using relatively simple melodies and progressions, very dense sounds and as much as possible an organic feel. For the lack of better words, that is. It’s really not that easy to describe music and sound using only words. But it won’t be long until you will be able to be your own judge and you can find your own words to describe my music (please be gentle).

It is all being recorded using the modular. I’m not a purist by any means, but plugins are used as little as possible. This really helps to maintain that organic feel that I’m looking for. It also restricts the possibilities of doing polyphonic stuff, at least with the setup I have. This forces me to think more thoroughly about which sound I want which notes to play, rather than just slamming down a few chords to support a lead sound. My experience is that restrictions often stimulate creativity.

About the title. Sisamat means ‘four’ in Inuit language. The track names will be the four official base words for snow in Inuit. Contrary to popular belief, there aren’t really 50 words for snow in Inuit. Read The Great Eskimo Vocabulary Hoax by Geoffrey K. Pullum if you want to know more. It’s an hilarious piece, even if you’re not at all interested in the actual question.

Oh, and ‘releasing the EP’ can take any form as far as I’m concerned. Soundcloud, bandcamp, whatever. I might even consider offers from major labels.

Purple Pizza: SB-Six and El Campesino modular jam

SB-Six and I are planning to do our first live modular performance somewhere in 2017. This is the recording of another jam/rehearsal session. Aiming for a performance of at least a half hour straight, we talked about transitioning to a completely different patch/sound along the way. In this session, at some point I thought we were about done so faded out my sounds. SB-Six just kept playing to the point that I realised: “SB is not done with this session at all!” So I pulled some cables, re-arranged some stuff and jumped back in. From there, we built back up to a combined patch that was something completely different from where we started.