I’m the guy on the left

I have been making electronic music since I started my keyboard lessons when I was 13 years old. As soon as I saved up enough money, I bought a second hand Atari 1040ST with a cracked copy of Cubase 3.1 and a Roland JV-30 synthesizer. I had an awesome time with that simple setup. Looking back, that period might have been the most creative so far. If I could only find those tapes with the masterpieces I produced back then… I have no idea where those are. Seriously, I’m really curious to hear what it really sounded like…

When VST plugins hit the market I thought that was definitely the way to go. I sold my ST and later on even my JV-30 and the CS1x I’d picked up along the way. My PC now gave me endless possibilities, the only limit being my own imagination, my wallet, or my ability to actually get that damn software to work. I know some people can do magic with that stuff. But I simply drowned in the possibilities. Not literally of course. That would mean I couldn’t be writing this. I spent huge amounts of time getting stuff to work and I was constantly looking for the latest, newest and best plugins around. I became a collector. No more time to actually make music. Which is a damn shame because at some point I just lost interest in it altogether. Until…

In 2013 I discovered the revival of the modular synth. I know, a little late to the party, but I had been sleeping for a while, remember? Someone showed me the hardcore edition of the documentary I Dream of Wires. From that moment on I knew I was going back to making music. Not much later I got my first case and modules and went at it. That’s were I am now. Sometimes recording single take modular studio performances on video, sometimes remixing stuff from other people and maybe someday releasing some actual tracks of my own.

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