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SB-Six & El Campesino Modulation live set online

This is the uncut recording of the live performance of SB-Six and myself an Modulation in Kytopia on July 30th. Overall I’m happy how this went and turned out. There’s some things I’m not happy with, like a loose patch cable, some almost out of tune stuff and the fact that I for my part basically stayed with one sequence the whole stretch. But considering this was a first and a ‘patch from scratch’ performance, I’m pretty satisfied.


Live debut @ Modulation in Kytopia

This was awesome! Om july 30th I had my first ever live modular performance with my modular buddy SB-Six. We went for an improvised set, starting with almost empty cases. Just some clocking and audio output set up. I have to say I am super pleased with how it turned out. We didn’t really have a choice but to start slowly and quietly. Building up towards some big D&B with some edgy sounds. We managed to tone it back down a little at some points, to keep some tension in the set. All in all, we were really happy with this gig. And to top it all off, the audience gave us a lot of love after we finished. All I know now is I have to do this again!

The audio of whole set was recorded. I will post it as soon as it’s online.

René button panels available

Rene Button PanelOne of the most interesting sequencers in the Eurorack world is in my opinion definitely Make Noise René. I love its non-linear approach and the immediacy with which you can play it. However, after I acquired a portable case with a different power supply than I have in my studio system, René got all wonky on me. Turns out the touch plates do not play nicely with particular power supplies and really need properly grounded power to function like they’re supposed to. This issue is well documented on the muffwiggler forum: René and Power Supplies – right and wrong! and René touch plate sensitivity.

I looked for a solution to be able to work with René under all circumstances. Long story short, I found one. I asked Tomash Ghz to help me and we’ve now made a flawlessly working prototype. We’d really like to share the joy with everyone else who has run into the touch plate issues with René. So I’ve put up a webpage with some more information on the panel and on how to get one. You can find it here.

Purple Pizza: SB-Six and El Campesino modular jam

SB-Six and I are planning to do our first live modular performance somewhere in 2017. This is the recording of another jam/rehearsal session. Aiming for a performance of at least a half hour straight, we talked about transitioning to a completely different patch/sound along the way. In this session, at some point I thought we were about done so faded out my sounds. SB-Six just kept playing to the point that I realised: “SB is not done with this session at all!” So I pulled some cables, re-arranged some stuff and jumped back in. From there, we built back up to a combined patch that was something completely different from where we started.

First collab session with SB-Six

Making music is a lot of fun by yourself, but even more fun when you’re doing it together. SB Six and I decided we should try to do some live jamming from scratch on our modulars. I brought over my little orange case to his place and this is one of the recordings we made. I was really surprised by the result. Didn’t really expect much since we didn’t even know each other at all before this. But for a first jam session this turned out pretty well.

This post is pre dated. One of the purposes of this website is to put all my musical productions into one place. In order to get my archive more or less accurate, I chose to date stuff that was produced before the launch of this website at or around the time they were originally published.