Rene Button PanelOne of the most interesting sequencers in the Eurorack world is in my opinion definitely Make Noise René. I love its non-linear approach and the immediacy with which you can play it. However, after I acquired a portable case with a different power supply than I have in my studio system, René got all wonky on me. Turns out the touch plates do not play nicely with particular power supplies and really need properly grounded power to function like they’re supposed to. This issue is well documented on the muffwiggler forum: René and Power Supplies – right and wrong! and René touch plate sensitivity.

I looked for a solution to be able to work with René under all circumstances. Long story short, I found one. I asked Tomash Ghz to help me and we’ve now made a flawlessly working prototype. We’d really like to share the joy with everyone else who has run into the touch plate issues with René. So I’ve put up a webpage with some more information on the panel and on how to get one. You can find it here.