At some point in 2016 the idea popped in my head that I might want to take my modular out for an actual performance for actual people some day. Since I didn’t want to lug around that humongous Doepfer monster base I figured I should downsize and get a nice looking portable case. This would also speed up the patching process. I’m super happy with this one and found out you don’t necessarily need a big case or a lot of stuff to get big sounds.

This was all with 200hp of eurorack modules and an arturia keystep for transpositions.

That first public performance is yet to happen still…

This post is pre dated. One of the purposes of this website is to put all my musical productions into one place. In order to get my archive more or less accurate, I chose to date stuff that was produced before the launch of this website at or around the time they were originally published.